Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Hurricane Sandy

Hello, darlings.

I have been tied up (no pun intended) with business matters lately and haven't been able to update My blog in some time. Unfortunately, the past two weeks have been hell, as I am in an area highly effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Many of My family and friends have lost practically everything, and we are no exception. I just got My electricity back on, after it being out for over a week. There was damage to My home and property, and we lost several things of monetary and sentimental value. However, I am thankful I have a home to come back to, and especially now since it has power.

As I write this, I am looking out the window that opens into My front yard, and I' watching the snow fall, fast and heavy. We're now being hit with a giant Nor'Easter (Winter Storm Athena), and it just keeps getting worse.

With that being said, I will be taking Nite Flirt calls on a limited basis getting back into things, as we are still cleaning up and repairing from Sandy. I will be on Yahoo Messenger more often, so you can get your fix there as well.

As always, Amazon e-Gift cards are welcome, as are purchases from the wishlist directly.

There are several items I need and have to replace, but you can always lift My spirits by purchasing something fun for Me to enjoy while we rebuild.

I'm not usually mushy, although I do love My pets dearly, so I hope all of you in this area fared well from Sandy. My houseboy lost everything, and is sleeping on a friend's couch until he can get back on his feet.

I will update more later, and perhaps have some new pics floating around soon. Until then ;) xo

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18th.

Hello boys. Just a quick update since I have been M.I.A. for some of you for a little while. I was away on personal business; the lucky ones of you know where and what I was doing... the rest of you will just have to use your imagination :) hehe.

In any case, I'm going to be having a few new contests in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! I know you pay piggies will *love* what I have coming up -- I have been formulating these contests for some time. Also, don't forget there's only 4 months 'til Christmas, and there will be another Christmas challenge starting in November! Oh My, the possibilities you have coming for you! Wonderful, they are ;)

As always, Amazon egift cards are welcomed and are signs that you care for your amazing Princess :) Cards can be mailed to: :) Also, feel free to stop by My Niteflirt pages, indulge in some pics, .mp3's, and buy My chat ID! xox

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, May 25th

Hi there, piggies! A cute little update for you all today before I go about My business.

Yesterday, I received a surprise -- a chair that I've wanted for ages.. one of those cute high heel shoe chairs! It's leopard print, and I adore it.

Isn't it fabulous? Hehe. A special gift from a special piggie ;)

And this morning, I made My usual rounds to the PO Box, and found two amazing tributes from two very obedient little boys! The one I was intrigued by and had to open right in My car hehe. You'll see part of the tribute sprawled out across My lap while I'm sitting in the driver's seat. There was so much, that I couldn't spread it all out without it falling on the floor LOL! A good $450 in mixed bills; too bad he didn't add another $50, an even $500 is beautiful :) But for now, here's a half-assed picture with a lot of the bills tucked underneath each other... lol was so much to spread, $20's are a mess!

The other one I waited until I got home to open. It was adorable stationary (skull and crossbones, which everyone knows I adore), with $200 in $20's folded up inside. It made the card a little bulgy, but it worked nice, anyhow :) Took a quick picture with them fanned.. enjoy ;)

I'm going to be taking calls all this weekend, and will be available for live tributes and Amazon egift cards. Talk soon boys! xo

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19th

Hey losers! Been a little while since I've updated. School is finally out for this semester, and I'm so thankful for that -- I can't wait to enjoy Myself this Summer! I've been taking some calls, dealing with the usual pigs, and telling flaky assholes to fuck off.

I'm so tired of idiots who think they can message Me on yahoo and talk to Me without purchasing My yahoo id (which, by the way, you can purchase here.) I do not give out My yahoo id to anyone, and I sure as hell know no pigs of Mine are giving it out to other losers. Do these assholes really think I'm that stupid? Please. I've got more intelligence in My little finger than these fucktards have in their whole body. It's amusing the ones that I keep telling to fuck off and block, and they just keep making new names and trying to talk to Me as "someone else". My favorite line is "I got this id from so and so" .... LOL yeah, right. Fuck you, you cheap, lying douchebag. You're obviously not good enough to talk to Me, let alone for free LOL!

I made a custom .mp3 for a loser named dustin. He's really fucking pathetic. He's one of those adult babies, who enjoys sucking his thumb, shitting in diapers, and pissing his bed. LOL! Where the fuck do these people come from? Ultimate dregs of society. He's 35, sorry as fuck, and has a tiny little 1" dick. He sent Me a picture of it in his little tutu... it's not much bigger than a safety pin LOL! I basically made him a 10-minute .mp3 telling him what I really think of him. He's a fucking loser, and I absolutely love humiliating and degrading him. I made him pay for his recording (obviously), and if any of you are interested in hearing it (it's hilarious, by the way), I may make it available for sale to the rest of you. For now, I'll leave you all with some pictures of this pathetic fucker. Enjoy :)

His yahoo id is: PinkRubberRuffles, as is his Skype id. Do Me a favor and harass the shit out of this pathetic fuck. :)

New, amazing items on My wishlist! I am accepting Amazon egift certificates sent to My email -- I prefer those over just purchasing products from the list. Purchase My yahoo id and say hello, and make sure you get My information so you can send an egift certificate on it's way ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diamonds, Pearls, and Topaz

Hello boys! As promised, I have a few pics of the beautiful jewelry I've gotten recently and haven't posted pics of yet. First, here's my lovely new diamond ring! 1.5ct, platinum setting. So beautiful, I adore it!

Second, here's a picture I snapped today with my lovely pearl and blue topaz necklace and earring set. They might be a little hard to see, but I assure you they are amazing :)

You boys know I love getting gifts of every kind, but jewelry is definitely one of my favorites! I will be wearing these pieces quiet often, I truly do love them. If you want a piece of jewelry you've purchased laying on/against my perfect body, you can always check out my wishlist. I always have some great picks on there, and even if you're budget isn't in the $1,000's, there will be something you can afford :)

I have been getting so many emails and calls from those boys who haven't been in contact with me while I was on hiatus -- they're so excited I'm back! I'm hoping to have a downpayment for my new car in the next few months; perhaps you should consider contributing to the cause ;) After all, all Princesses need to be spoiled and pampered! Anyway, until next time xox

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello boys! It has been quite some time since I've updated, let alone been online long enough to do anything Domme-related (for the most part). A select few of you obedient little boys know where I've been and why I haven't been around, but the rest of you just need to know that the void in your life created by my absence can now be filled.

I'm in my last week of school for this semester -- finals start next week. I'm really stressing, as this semester has been hell, but I'll pull through (I always do). You know what you boys can do to make it easier on me and help me relax.... wishlist! LOL! ;) Either that, or some nice, fat tributes sent to the PO Box ;) Either or will do just fine. I know you need to feed your addiction, anyway... don't you? There have only been a select few boys who have been in contact with me while I was on hiatus, and those boys were able to feed their addiction by speaking to me and continuing to worship monetarily. You poor, pitiful babies who haven't been as lucky... now is your time to get a fix. I have added a bunch of yummy new items to my wishlist that are just *begging* to be purchased. Your addiction wants it. Your brain needs it. Your twitching cock can't live without it. Why try and fight it? We both know it's what makes you feel good... ;)

Tomorrow I'll have to post some new pics; I got an amazing 1.5ct diamond ring from admirer Tom a few weeks back. It's beautiful! It has an antique-type feel to it.. I was taken aback when I opened the box. It is truly stunning (he has good taste!). I've also received the normal cash tributes, which are expected, and a few other gifts here and there. Summer is fast approaching and I expect to have my new Summer wardrobe and accessories sent no later than the end of June, because I am going on my trip in the beginning of August. I will be putting a lot of clothing, shoes, and Summer-related accessories up, so make sure you take a peek at that wishlist and do your duty! You boys want me to be happy when I'm out having fun with my girlfriends, don't you?

I'm seriously considering tagging on a chat tax to those of you lurkers who message me on yahoo and bother me, wasting my time. I don't mind talking to someone who's legit, but this flake shit has to stop. I know you fucks are reading this, so get a hint -- if you are not fruitful and don't provide your end of the service, I don't provide mine. Financial Domination is my lifestyle, not my job; I am a true Cash Goddess and live this way. It is NOT my problem if you are a loser freak who gets off on making promises online and scurries away to hide. Fuck - You. I can be sweet as sugar as most of you know, but I can also be a raging bitch. You do not want to see that side!

My NF lines have also been open the past few days, and will be back on my normal schedule.

I am currently accepting LEGIT new money slaves, gift pigs, and blackmail losers. You know the deal.. if you want to be considered for a place in my stable, you will purchase something of decent to high value from my wishlist, and/or send cash tribute.

Write more and pics tomorrow! xo

Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd

Hello boys. I'm finally getting a chance to update, albeit later than I wanted to. First thing's first: I made Dean's list at school! How exciting is that? I'm so excited. It's a big accomplishment, being that My college has MANY students, and My classes are hard. In any case, I wanted to share that with you all, since I'm so happy about it! An early Christmas present to Myself! hehe.

In any case, I've acquired a new slave as of late: Slave D, as we will refer to him from now on. He's into humiliation, and My first and quick assignment for him was a shopping assignment. He did it so well, and in a very timely manner. I was actually pretty surprised. So, I'm going to share with you the product of his first little assignment:

Doesn't he look wonderful? Haha. There will definitely be more to come!

I have a few new .mp3's up on Niteflirt for you boys, so make sure to check them out!
♔ Stroke Hard and $ubmit - Click, Pay, Obey ♔

I also have My Ignore Line up for you voyeuristic boys and creepers who love to be ignored and peer into My wonderful life from the shadows. I also introduced an Ignore with Cam line, but you'd better be prepared to pay for that one! But for My regular phone ignore line:

★ Ignore Line for Socially Inept LOSERS ★

And last but not least, it is 3 days away to Christmas! For those of you who haven't sent Me either a Christmas tribute, or something from My wishlist, now is the time. If you don't, I will be very unhappy, and perhaps cut you from My stable. That's not very fun, is it? There are plenty of things on there for every price range, so there is NO EXCUSE to be lazy.

Received a wonderful gift from a very loyal, and obedient subbie that I've been wanting for a while! A Keurig Elite -- everyone knows I love My coffee and tea! Thank you, mikey!