Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 27th

Hello again, boys! I know I haven't posted much lately, but this week has been absolutely crazy. As most of you know, I'm Native American, and don't usually celebrate Thanksgiving, but My mother does. I went up North and spent an amazing 4 days with friends and family. Ate some amazing vegan food, did some killer shopping, and am completely worn out! I checked My PO box today and found a lovely present from Max (who earns a capital "M"!): a stunning pearl and blue topaz necklace with matching earrings. So gorgeous.. I love it! I'll post pics soon!

scum worm emailed Me some hilarious pictures making a fool of himself for My amusement. I love getting mail from him showing Me how big a piece of shit he can be! Feel free to email him:

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21st

Hello, boys! Haven't written in a few days, so I'll update you on the happenings in My world. Had a very busy weekend, I won't say in specific what I was doing, but it was with a lot of important, amazing musicians. I had a lot of fun, and I can't wait to do it again. I love going up to NYC; so many great people, places to go, and things to do. I was hurtin' pretty bad this morning, being that I got back home late, late last night, and I had to be up at 6am today. Ugh!

scumworm emailed Me some pictures for My amusement, and I'm waiting for him to take some more for Me. I adore his humiliating pictures, so I'm sharing one with you. I put those little heart censors over his pecker for a few reasons, but hey; if you're interested in the uncensored version, give Me a shout. I'll be happy to show it off haha.

Christmas is coming, and there are so many great things on My wishlist! You boys better be looking at it and staying up to date with My wants and needs. Remember, it is your job to keep Me happy, right? ;) Good little boys xox

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18th

Just a quick little post before the night is through. Had an extremely busy day; I'm beat! Received another cute little $100 tribute today. Definitely not the biggest I've gotten by any means, but it's a start. This boy will soon work his way up, I'm sure ;) hehe.

Talked to a few new pay piggies lately, one about Christian Louboutin shoes! I was so excited to hear a subbie talking about something relevant and that I cared about. It also shows Me that he's quite capable of buying Me the things I want, because he obviously doesn't screw around. Maybe I'll have another pair of Louboutin's in My future ;)

Got a flat tire today, was not a happy camper. Since My car is extremely modern, it has tire pressure sensors built into each tire, and when someone was fixing it, the air nozzle snapped of. So, needless to say it's going to cost $100 for the new tire setup. It annoyed Me because I was on My way someone and running late as it was, and it screwed up the rest of My day. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, and I'll be enjoying the weekend xox

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th

Hello, boys! Just got done with some homework and thought I'd write you all a short little blog. The picture to your left is a little smushy and definitely not My best, but it'll do ;)

Had to run a lot of errands today; was quite the busy bee. My day started off early this morning with a stop to My PO Box. Received a little $75 tribute from a new subbie named rich. While it's not what I'm accustomed to size-wise for money mail, it's adorable in it's own way. He's not super loaded, but I figured I'd play with him for a little while and see what he's capable of. I know he is sending more this week, and apparently a gift, so we'll see how he does. I'll keep you all posted on this little puppy's progress!

And yes, that's the steering wheel of My beautiful $42k Chrysler in the background! I'm actually growing a little tired of this car, and it's almost completely paid off. I was thinking about giving it to My mom and getting something new. Speaking of, here's a little spec sheet of what I want that I built online. And yes, it's your job to make sure Princess gets this in her pretty little hands! I know what you're thinking: a jeep? Strange for a Princess, but I've always loved them. Wranglers, especially, and this 2012 model is amazing! So beautiful.

It's less than My Chrysler, but it's stylish and chic, atleast I think so... and isn't that really the only opinion that matters? ;) So you boys know what to do. I'd love to get My hands on this ASAP, but we'll see. Get to tributing and sending Me those lovely envelopes filled with My favorite men: dead presidents! (and Franklin, too). and just because I'm letting you know a long-term goal and you should really start contributing now, Christmas is just around the corner; that doesn't mean you can forget about all those presents you're going to put under My tree! Every day, I'm adding more things to My wishlist so you have quite the selection to choose from. Remember, I adore all gifts no matter how big or small, but those boys who do pamper Princess the most will get high recognition and special treats ;) Some of you already know what that means.... hehe. So until then, clickity-click, My pets xox

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blackmail: Marc

Hello, boys! It's that time where I'm going to disclose some blackmail info for you and the world to see, because a certain little puppet didn't obey his Princess! Now a little disclaimer: this participant knew full-well the consequences to disobeying Me, and agreed to My terms verbally and in writing. Just putting that out there. I'm going to release some important information now, and if he makes good on it, I'll keep the rest. Until then, I will keep adding new information about him. Please enjoy this man's pain :)

Marc Lombardo

An email from Marc:

It reads:

"i think we should go shopping with my wifes credit card??????????

omg your insane... i want you to control me and get in my head...giggle at me take my cell and give it to all your bitchy girfreinds and let them all fuck with me..... i am weak in the knees looking at you. make me your married bitch boy toy

im 34 from nyc and married and i want a teasing seductive flirty bitch to control me over my wife...get in my head, i will give you email at my work,cell phone,etc..i want you to totally toy with me and let your friends toy with me too...its all about you now, not my wife liz who is wanna toy and tease me now? make me belong to you, i want you to turn me into our little married boytoy my babysitter, my daughters best friend etc...and most important giggle at me while you do it. im drunk and i want you to make me repeat i love my new princess more then my wife liz and listen to you giggle at me and say good boy... is this

im marc"

EDITED 4/14/14

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flakes, Shoes, and more.

Hello, pets! As you can see, I'm posting another new photo for you to feast your eyes on. Had an interesting phone/cam humiliation and ignore session with idiot dave, and this is one of the stills from it. he really is a fucking idiot, but that's why I love him. I adore all My pets that do as their told and give Me the things that make Me oh so happy! :)

Speaking of, I *really* want and need this pair of shoes. They're on My wishlist, and I highly suggest you scoot on over and pick them up for Me! They are delicious with their 5" heel, and I know how much you pups would love to see Me standing at a yummy 6'5 hehe. So get to clicking, puppies, I need these before they're gone in My size!

Got fucked over by another flake today. This one is actually quite classic. A few days ago, a "sub" named Tyler (he's lucky I don't post his full name and email address/yahoo ID, because I'm damn close to it) messaged Me on yahoo and said he was an admirer of this blog, yadda yadda. The usual. We engaged in some conversation, and I informed him (as I do all of you boys) that I don't take any online devotion seriously unless I see a monetary tribute, or a gift from My wishlist. It lets Me know that *you* are as serious about serving Me, as I am about being served. Lots of flakes out on the internet who try to get off for free, and I don't roll that way. Anyway, we got to talking today, and he said even though he gets paid next Thursday and will get Me something nice, he wanted to buy something small today to show devotion. Fair enough. He bought Me a dinky $10 set of Hello Kitty socks, which as you boys know, I enjoy gifts of all shapes and sizes. After I saw it was purchased and he forwarded Me the confirmation email, I rewarded him by sending a simple picture of My princess feet. What does he do ten minutes later? Revoke the bought item, and logged off. What a fucking flake. Really? That lame that he can't spare $10 for Me? Definitely NOT worth My time. This is partially why I loathe the internet. Too many losers out there who can't hold up their end of the bargain. I am seriously thinking about charging to even talk to Me, that way I don't even have to deal with the riff raff I do now. Ugh! I'm pretty sure you puppies need to do something to cheer Me up -- I'm very annoyed. A lovely token from My wishlist will do!

I'm also taking calls today, and want you pups to call My sparkly-new Ignore Line!
Call Button

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, Thursday!

Hey losers! Today started out as a pretty normal Thursday around here. Woke up in My perfectly cozy bed to My kitty purring next to Me, and I was well-rested, to boot. I did a little homework for tonight's class, took a few calls, read some emails, and headed out to check My PO box (because I know you boys have been so good and have been giving Princess lots of love lately!). Lo and behold, after leaving, there was a *huge* accident right in front of Me. No, I'm not hurt (thank goodness), but My car took a little damage while I had to swerve :( So needless to say, I need some extra $$$ to fix My wheel. Ugh! It's always something around here.

On a side note, I took some new pics last night, and am being generous enough to post one (above) for you to admire! I know how you boys love My full, juicy lips, so here's some eye candy to drool over ;)

As for now, I need to get back to My homework and getting ready for class. I'll be taking calls later tonight for those of you who just have to spoil their Princess ;) Until then... xoxox

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hey losers!

It's been a while since I've posted, so I decided that it was time to update you losers on what's been going on in My amazing life!

School started back up in the end of August, and it's killing Me! Thanks to a few certain cash cows, I've been able to live comfortably -- even WITH My tuition and expenses! I love having little boytoys to cater to My ever whim.

Started taking calls on NF again. I have a very busy and demanding schedule, so get Me while you can -- I'm doing you little fucks a favor by spending the precious down-time that I have being available for you to call in! Don't piss Me off and waste My time -- get to phoning!!

I started planning My Christmas list, and boy.. are you pigs in for a treat! I have so many great items that I know you'll just be dying to get Me ;) I'll post that in the near future, so stay tuned!