Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diamonds, Pearls, and Topaz

Hello boys! As promised, I have a few pics of the beautiful jewelry I've gotten recently and haven't posted pics of yet. First, here's my lovely new diamond ring! 1.5ct, platinum setting. So beautiful, I adore it!

Second, here's a picture I snapped today with my lovely pearl and blue topaz necklace and earring set. They might be a little hard to see, but I assure you they are amazing :)

You boys know I love getting gifts of every kind, but jewelry is definitely one of my favorites! I will be wearing these pieces quiet often, I truly do love them. If you want a piece of jewelry you've purchased laying on/against my perfect body, you can always check out my wishlist. I always have some great picks on there, and even if you're budget isn't in the $1,000's, there will be something you can afford :)

I have been getting so many emails and calls from those boys who haven't been in contact with me while I was on hiatus -- they're so excited I'm back! I'm hoping to have a downpayment for my new car in the next few months; perhaps you should consider contributing to the cause ;) After all, all Princesses need to be spoiled and pampered! Anyway, until next time xox

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