Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello boys! It has been quite some time since I've updated, let alone been online long enough to do anything Domme-related (for the most part). A select few of you obedient little boys know where I've been and why I haven't been around, but the rest of you just need to know that the void in your life created by my absence can now be filled.

I'm in my last week of school for this semester -- finals start next week. I'm really stressing, as this semester has been hell, but I'll pull through (I always do). You know what you boys can do to make it easier on me and help me relax.... wishlist! LOL! ;) Either that, or some nice, fat tributes sent to the PO Box ;) Either or will do just fine. I know you need to feed your addiction, anyway... don't you? There have only been a select few boys who have been in contact with me while I was on hiatus, and those boys were able to feed their addiction by speaking to me and continuing to worship monetarily. You poor, pitiful babies who haven't been as lucky... now is your time to get a fix. I have added a bunch of yummy new items to my wishlist that are just *begging* to be purchased. Your addiction wants it. Your brain needs it. Your twitching cock can't live without it. Why try and fight it? We both know it's what makes you feel good... ;)

Tomorrow I'll have to post some new pics; I got an amazing 1.5ct diamond ring from admirer Tom a few weeks back. It's beautiful! It has an antique-type feel to it.. I was taken aback when I opened the box. It is truly stunning (he has good taste!). I've also received the normal cash tributes, which are expected, and a few other gifts here and there. Summer is fast approaching and I expect to have my new Summer wardrobe and accessories sent no later than the end of June, because I am going on my trip in the beginning of August. I will be putting a lot of clothing, shoes, and Summer-related accessories up, so make sure you take a peek at that wishlist and do your duty! You boys want me to be happy when I'm out having fun with my girlfriends, don't you?

I'm seriously considering tagging on a chat tax to those of you lurkers who message me on yahoo and bother me, wasting my time. I don't mind talking to someone who's legit, but this flake shit has to stop. I know you fucks are reading this, so get a hint -- if you are not fruitful and don't provide your end of the service, I don't provide mine. Financial Domination is my lifestyle, not my job; I am a true Cash Goddess and live this way. It is NOT my problem if you are a loser freak who gets off on making promises online and scurries away to hide. Fuck - You. I can be sweet as sugar as most of you know, but I can also be a raging bitch. You do not want to see that side!

My NF lines have also been open the past few days, and will be back on my normal schedule.

I am currently accepting LEGIT new money slaves, gift pigs, and blackmail losers. You know the deal.. if you want to be considered for a place in my stable, you will purchase something of decent to high value from my wishlist, and/or send cash tribute.

Write more and pics tomorrow! xo

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