Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, May 25th

Hi there, piggies! A cute little update for you all today before I go about My business.

Yesterday, I received a surprise -- a chair that I've wanted for ages.. one of those cute high heel shoe chairs! It's leopard print, and I adore it.

Isn't it fabulous? Hehe. A special gift from a special piggie ;)

And this morning, I made My usual rounds to the PO Box, and found two amazing tributes from two very obedient little boys! The one I was intrigued by and had to open right in My car hehe. You'll see part of the tribute sprawled out across My lap while I'm sitting in the driver's seat. There was so much, that I couldn't spread it all out without it falling on the floor LOL! A good $450 in mixed bills; too bad he didn't add another $50, an even $500 is beautiful :) But for now, here's a half-assed picture with a lot of the bills tucked underneath each other... lol was so much to spread, $20's are a mess!

The other one I waited until I got home to open. It was adorable stationary (skull and crossbones, which everyone knows I adore), with $200 in $20's folded up inside. It made the card a little bulgy, but it worked nice, anyhow :) Took a quick picture with them fanned.. enjoy ;)

I'm going to be taking calls all this weekend, and will be available for live tributes and Amazon egift cards. Talk soon boys! xo

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