Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday, May 19th

Hey losers! Been a little while since I've updated. School is finally out for this semester, and I'm so thankful for that -- I can't wait to enjoy Myself this Summer! I've been taking some calls, dealing with the usual pigs, and telling flaky assholes to fuck off.

I'm so tired of idiots who think they can message Me on yahoo and talk to Me without purchasing My yahoo id (which, by the way, you can purchase here.) I do not give out My yahoo id to anyone, and I sure as hell know no pigs of Mine are giving it out to other losers. Do these assholes really think I'm that stupid? Please. I've got more intelligence in My little finger than these fucktards have in their whole body. It's amusing the ones that I keep telling to fuck off and block, and they just keep making new names and trying to talk to Me as "someone else". My favorite line is "I got this id from so and so" .... LOL yeah, right. Fuck you, you cheap, lying douchebag. You're obviously not good enough to talk to Me, let alone for free LOL!

I made a custom .mp3 for a loser named dustin. He's really fucking pathetic. He's one of those adult babies, who enjoys sucking his thumb, shitting in diapers, and pissing his bed. LOL! Where the fuck do these people come from? Ultimate dregs of society. He's 35, sorry as fuck, and has a tiny little 1" dick. He sent Me a picture of it in his little tutu... it's not much bigger than a safety pin LOL! I basically made him a 10-minute .mp3 telling him what I really think of him. He's a fucking loser, and I absolutely love humiliating and degrading him. I made him pay for his recording (obviously), and if any of you are interested in hearing it (it's hilarious, by the way), I may make it available for sale to the rest of you. For now, I'll leave you all with some pictures of this pathetic fucker. Enjoy :)

His yahoo id is: PinkRubberRuffles, as is his Skype id. Do Me a favor and harass the shit out of this pathetic fuck. :)

New, amazing items on My wishlist! I am accepting Amazon egift certificates sent to My email -- I prefer those over just purchasing products from the list. Purchase My yahoo id and say hello, and make sure you get My information so you can send an egift certificate on it's way ;)

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